The Cologne Dialogue on Digital Humanities 2012

Controversies around the Digital Humanities: Proceedings of a Workshop

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All papers have been publishes in special issue 37 of “Historical Social Research Vol. 37 (2012), No. 3”.
Online versions of all revised papers are published on this website and can be downloaded from the respective author’s page below.

Manfred Thaller, University at Cologne: Setting the Agenda
Controversy 1: Do the Digital Humanities have an intellectual agenda or do they constitute an infrastructure?
Controversy 2: Are all approaches towards interdisciplinary research between the Humanities and Computer Science meaningfully represented by the current concept of Digital Humanities?
Controversy 3: What is the scope of the Digital Humanities? What is the relationship between individual disciplines served by them?
Controversy 4: What is the appropriate role of markup?
Controversy 5: Big structures or lightweight webs. What is the most sensible technical template for research infrastructures for the Digital Humanities?
Controversy 6: “Digital curation” or “digital preservation” is a topic, which has originated within the world of digital libraries; recently it has been drawn closer and closer to the Digital Humanities. What is the balance between conceptual work and technology?
Controversy 7: “Digital Libraries” have started their life as an answer to opportunities created by a specific stage of technical development. Where are they now, between Computer Science and the Digital Humanities?
Event: The workshop which created the proceedings accessible above took place on April 23rd and 24th at Wahn manor house close to Cologne.
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