“How we will edit”, Gastvortrag von Peter Robinson am 15. Dez. 2015

Zu unserer großen Freude werden wir am Dienstag, 15. Dezember, einen der berühmtesten “Urväter der Digitalen Editorik”, Prof. Peter Robinson (derzeit Saskatoon, Kanada) bei uns an der Universität zu Köln begrüßen dürfen.
Um 15:00 Uhr wird er im Besprechungsraum des CCeH (Universitätsstraße 22, Dachgeschoß rechts) einen Vortrag unter dem folgenden Titel halten:

“How we will edit. Collaborative, networked, encoded, open editions”

Every aspect of editing has been altered by the digital revolution. The methods we use, the editions we make, the ways the editions are published, who makes the editions: already, in just a few years, all these have changed. The advent of the first generation of online editing tools presages yet more changes, as digital methods become more and more widely available. This talk will present one of these editing systems, Textual Communities. It will outline the design principles behind this system, and consider the implications of this and other systems for scholarly editing.