“About Data Science”, Gastvortrag Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer, 28. Jan. 2016

Die Sprachliche und die Historisch-Kulturwissenschaftliche
Informationsverarbeitung der Universität zu Köln lädt ein zu einem Gastvortrag von Prof. Dr. Christoph Schommer von der Universität Luxembourg:

“About Data Science”
Do., 28.01.16, 10.00 Uhr
HS 80


The sensors of the Big Data hype have engulfed the digital world as well as our society. Technical innovations, scientific achievements, and an insistent data-centric thinking have made it possible that data has been put in front more than ever before. This leads to consequences, for example a deeper understanding of own data, but also the necessity to clearly differentiate between correlation and causality and what should be public and what should be private. Today, the ‘dealing with data’ has become a fundamental concern. In this regard, the lecture is split into two parts: first, I’d like to motivate the field of Data Science. Second, I will present some of the projects that are currently performed at my research group.

Christoph Schommer ist seit 2009 Professor für Computer Science and Communication an der Universität Luxembourg. Seine Forschungsschwerpunkte sind Data Mining, Text Mining, Maschinelles Lernen und Intelligente Datenbanken.