“A new digital edition of St Patrick’s writings: canonical text vs manuscript transcription”, Presentation by Dr. Roman Bleier (MSC/DiXiT)

25th August 2016, 16:00h
CCeH, Seminar Room (Universitätsstraße 22)

Everybody welcome!


Arguably the most important sources for fifthcentury Irish history are two contemporary epistles written by St Patrick. These epistles survived in seven medieval manuscript witnesses in repositories in Ireland, England and Europe. During my PhD at Trinity College Dublin I created TEI transcriptions of the manuscripts following a documentary editing approach.
Currently, I am working as DiXiT Experienced Researcher at the Centre for Information Modelling Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities at the University of Graz on the topic Canonical reference & sustainability of digital editions. As part of my DiXiT research, I develop a new digital edition of St Patrick’s epistles based on the above mentioned TEI transcriptions. This new edition will serve as a case study for my research in canonical referencing and, at the same time, it will provide a new digital resource for the study of the versions of St Patrick’s texts from a documentary perspective.
This work-in-progress paper will briefly introduce the primary sources, the rationale for the development of the TEI transcriptions and discuss my current thoughts about possible directions for the new edition of St Patrick’s epistles.

Short biographical note:

Roman Bleier studied history and religious studies at the University of Graz. He completed a PhD in Digital Arts and Humanities (DAH) at Trinity College Dublin and works now as DiXiT Marie Curie fellow at the Centre for Information Modelling Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Graz.