Lecture: “The CMV+P document model”

Digitalized and born-digital documents are being changed all the time. How can we discuss changes like “rephrasing a sentence” when all the computer sees is a different string of bits? In the talk “The CMV+P document model” Dr. Gioele Barabucci (CCeH) will introduce a novel document model that allows humans and computer to compare different documents and different versions of the same document at multiple interpretative levels.

When and where

The talk will be held on the 24th of October, 11:00 in the Seminar room of the CCeH (Universitätsstraße 22).


The CMV+P model is a layered document model that can describe any electronic document. Each document is seen a stack of layered abstraction levels, each characterized by three components: Content, Model and Variant. This layered structure allows for the co-existence of many separate and concurrent document formats. Such a structure is needed to refer with precision to parts of a changing document, as well as to identify at which of these layer a modification has been done (did I modify some bits or did a split a paragraph of text?).